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Barnardo's Kidsmas Fundraising

Christmas is all about children. For them, it's a truly magical time. That's why we're calling it Kidsmas.

Christmas can be a magical time for children. Sadly, while many of us can’t wait for festive fun with our family, thousands of children across the UK are struggling. Abuse, mental health issues or their family circumstances mean that for them, Christmas is just another difficult day. But there is a way you can help.

By raising money for Barnardo’s this Kidsmas, you can make a life-changing difference to a vulnerable child – giving them the expert support, kindness and care they need to have a happier Christmas, and a brighter future.

While many of us can’t wait for Christmas and spending time with family, for thousands of children across the UK it’s another difficult day coping with abuse, mental health issues and family circumstances We’re asking you to join us and come together with your families, friends and communities to raise vital funds and help ensure vulnerable children can look forward to a brighter future and a merry Kidsmas.

10 year old Sophie* was caring for her mum and baby brother - taking on responsibilities far beyond her years, leaving her overwhelmed. She fell behind at school and missed out on having fun with her friends. Thankfully, Barnardo’s was able to step in - giving Sophie the chance to talk about her feelings, find ways of coping and simply have fun, just like every child should.

*Sophie's story is true but her name has been changed and a model used to protect her identity.

Why am I fundraising this KIDSMAS

I grew up in a large loving family. As one of 20 grandchildren I was surrounded by laughter, craziness and unconditional love. Christmas in particular was always a wonderful time full of family, fun and too much food. Unfortunately too many children and young people do not have the love and laughter I had as a child. Today, as a mum, it saddens me more than ever to hear of the young people who do not have a stable or safe home, or who live in fear every day because of the circumstances in which they live. I would like to try and make my Christmas all about ALL children, which is why I have started this fundraiser. Please throw me a snowball donation and help me bring a brighter future to more children. My snowman is called Fred – just like my beloved Grandad, to whom children were everything.

KIDSMAS will be returning in 2020!

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KIDSMAS will be returning in 2020!

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Jennie York

I’m supporting Barnardo’s this Kidsmas and raising money to help children and young people across...

I’m supporting Barnardo’s this Kidsmas and raising money to help children and young people across the UK. Please throw me a snowball and donate to Kidsmas!

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