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Barnardo's Kidsmas Fundraising

Christmas is all about children. For them, it's a truly magical time. That's why we're calling it Kidsmas.

Christmas is a truly magical time for children - it’s a time of Santa Claus, flying reindeer and building snowmen. But sadly, while most of us enjoy the festivities and spending time with our family, thousands of vulnerable children across the UK are struggling. And the effects of the Covid-19 crisis are making that struggle worse for children and their families. Abuse, poverty, bereavement, mental health issues and loneliness are on the rise in the wake of the pandemic, depriving children of the chance to enjoy this very special time of year.

By supporting Kidsmas, you can make a life-changing difference to a vulnerable child – giving them the expert support, kindness and care they need to have a happier Christmas, and a brighter future.

Why am I fundraising this KIDSMAS

I want to make a difference to children and young people and that is why I am supporting Kidsmas. I want to help children across the UK and give them a Christmas and a future to look forward to.

This year, thousands of children across the UK are struggling in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Abuse, poverty, mental health issues and loneliness are on the rise, depriving children of the chance to enjoy this very special time of year.

We can help make a life-changing difference to a vulnerable child – giving them the expert support, kindness and care they need to have a happier Christmas, and a brighter future.


*05th December - What a start! 45% target in 2 days! Keep it coming people!* 

*07th December: Raffle Prizes Announced*

Top Prize: Fortnum & Mason Christmas Hamper

Second Prize: £100 to a Charity of your choice

Runner Up Prizes x 3: Fortnum & Mason, King George Christmas Pudding

Fundraiser updates

KIDSMAS will be returning in 2021!


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Jaye Nursimooloo

I’m supporting Barnardo’s this Kidsmas by raising money to help vulnerable children in the UK. I've created a '12 Days of Kidsmas Challenge' to encourage you all to get out and about, whilst making a difference to the lives of children facing hardship. The Challenge: Between the 7th - 18th December, the goal is to complete 500km as a team and achieve our target of £1000. This will make a meaningful contribution to a global intiative running to clock 25,000 miles (the circumference of the earth) to alleviate the lives of children living in poverty. Each 5km that is logged, can be recorded - it's suggested that for each 5km you plan to complete, you match with a £10 donation, although of course you're welcome to donate whatever you want. For every £10 donated, you earn yourself 1 raffle ticket :) Raffle Prizes will be announced over the coming few days with the prize winners and total money raised announced on Monday 21st December. So why wait?! Donate today, set your 5k target and help rebuild Olaf the Kidmas snowman to his snowy glory!


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John Kelleher threw 10 Snowballs!

"Fantastic cause Jaye, congrats on taking the initiative "

19/12/2020 John Kelleher

Alex Christoforou threw 12 Snowballs!

"Great way to keep us active and helping. Brilliant job. Xx"

18/12/2020 Alex Christoforou
£60.00 + £15.00 Gift Aid

Maxine Nelmes threw 5 Snowballs!

"Well done Jaye. Great job. x"

18/12/2020 Maxine Nelmes
£25.00 + £6.25 Gift Aid

Jennifer Mitchell threw 2 Snowballs!

18/12/2020 Jennifer Mitchell
£10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid

Juan Pablo Luchetti threw 10 Snowballs!

"JPL - Success!"

18/12/2020 Juan Pablo Luchetti
£50.00 + £12.50 Gift Aid

Anonymous threw 7 Snowballs!

"Oh, I thought you made a donation, then ran..."

18/12/2020 Anonymous
£33.33 + £8.33 Gift Aid

Matt Hull threw 12 Snowballs!

"My legs feel awful, but this was worth it."

18/12/2020 Matt Hull
£60.00 + £15.00 Gift Aid

Clark Hogan-Taylor threw 10 Snowballs!

"Next year do a driving one pls "

18/12/2020 Clark Hogan-Taylor
£50.00 + £12.50 Gift Aid

Richard Hind threw 6 Snowballs!

"Great work Jaye, keep going!"

18/12/2020 Richard Hind
£30.00 + £7.50 Gift Aid

Wolfgang Roesch threw 10 Snowballs!

" Better take cover - here comes a volley...."

18/12/2020 Wolfgang Roesch
£50.00 + £12.50 Gift Aid

Anonymous threw 22 Snowballs!

"Great cause - we’ve clocked up 60km too :) Matt & Rosie"

17/12/2020 Anonymous
£110.00 + £27.50 Gift Aid

Amy Bowerin threw 6 Snowballs!

17/12/2020 Amy Bowerin
£30.00 + £7.50 Gift Aid

Chris Poole threw 5 Snowballs!

"Great initiative Jaye, we have given a whole load of toys to underprivileged kids this christmas too. Such a worth cause and have donated some money and sorry I couldn't join you on the run but am out of action due to my back."

16/12/2020 Chris Poole
£25.00 + £6.25 Gift Aid

Nigel Thomas threw 4 Snowballs!

"Great cause! Happy to support"

16/12/2020 Nigel Thomas
£20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid

Anna Richardson threw 6 Snowballs!

"Thanks for setting up Jaye - great challenge and brilliant charity !"

15/12/2020 Anna Richardson
£30.00 + £7.50 Gift Aid

Coleman Noonan threw 7 Snowballs!

"Merry Kidsmas!"

15/12/2020 Coleman Noonan
£33.33 + £8.33 Gift Aid

Nick Wilkinson threw 6 Snowballs!

"great cause Jaye!"

08/12/2020 Nick Wilkinson
£30.00 + £7.50 Gift Aid

Trevor Hewitt threw 4 Snowballs!

"Good Luck Jaye and team"

08/12/2020 Trevor Hewitt
£20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid

Pardeep Hansra threw 20 Snowballs!

"Fabolous initiative and very worthy cause Jaye. I am delighted to take part and do a little to help. Cheers, Pardeep "

05/12/2020 Pardeep Hansra
£100.00 + £25.00 Gift Aid

Marco Natale threw 10 Snowballs!

"Great initiative Jaye! Let's burn some calories and help the children"

04/12/2020 Marco Natale
£50.00 + £12.50 Gift Aid

Christopher Schyma threw 20 Snowballs!

"Great cause Jaye, I'm onboard !!"

04/12/2020 Christopher Schyma
£100.00 + £25.00 Gift Aid

Andrew Price threw 20 Snowballs!

"What a great idea Jaye"

04/12/2020 Andrew Price
£100.00 + £25.00 Gift Aid

Jaye Nursimooloo threw 20 Snowballs!

"Please donate, whatever you can. Every £10 wins a raffle :)"

01/12/2020 Jaye Nursimooloo
£100.00 + £25.00 Gift Aid

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